8 year old, headaches?

My 8 year old has complained a few times of headaches in the last few months. Most recently, yesterday and even a bit this morning. Of course, as an anxiety freak, I immediately think something sinister, like Brain tumors, West Nile Virus or EEE (she's gotten a lot of mosquito bites this year). She has been going to camp and in the sun and heat a lot, and I don't think she's been drinking enough water. Trying to get her to sleep before 9:30 is a task, and then she gets up at 7am for camp. My husband says that she's probably suffering from lack of sleep and from dehydration, but I'm a nervous wreck.. which isn't helping things. I've looked up her symptoms and she said that bright lights make it worse, so I was thinking migraines? But no one in my family has a history. Any words of advice?


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  • Take hr to your doctor.Never second guess wth kids.

  • See your GP.to put your mind at rest . Common cause is eye strain..maybe see an optometrist .

  • I think I might do that.. Thanks

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