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Could I have been given heart problems?

Hey guys. My fathers side of the family has some heart problems that hits them later n life, my dad died 6 years ago and my uncle (His lil brother) had to have heart surgery last year. But since I found out about his surgery I have been having weird heart palpitations with absolutely no pain. I was just wondering if I could have been given the heart problems and can they hit me now? I am only a 17 year old female is bad anxiety. Any thoughts or anything would be helpful. Thanks!

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It may just be your anxiety; but go and explain things to your Dr, who may put you forward for tests. x


As Susieanna advised, most likely you are experiencing anxiety symptoms. Definitely book an appointment with your doctor. Heart conditions carry an increased risk factor if in the family.

Most doctors can perform an ECG in the surgery to rule out basic heart concerns. Once you receive the information ruling out a heart condition it is important to TRUST the medical advice to reduce anxiety levels. This is easier said than done.

If you have underlying anxiety issues you could mention this in your appointment and perhaps book in for some talk therapy.

All the best :)


My mother`s side of the family has several heart disease cases, my mother had angina from her early 40`s, & one of her brothers died suddenly from a massive coronary in his late 40`s. With a family history like mine, the slightest chest discomfort has me panicking. Iv`e had all sorts of tests, but no disease has shown up yet.


I had an EKG done about a month ago and it was all normal. The doctor said my heart is very strong and I shouldn't have anything to worry about.


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