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Possible solution for anxiety

There is a saying that says heaven help those who help themselves according to science we have neurotransmitter in the brain called serotonin when the level decrease in the brain it cause anxiety and there are ways to restore it not with medication but some food supplement they are, broccoli, berries, celery, garbanzo beans, red meat, turmeric root, nuts and seeds and coconut oil. Let try this and see the result I have started mine yesterday and I have a feeling it will help, and always put ur trust in God cause he can restore any damage cause in the brain I pray it helps us all I love u all.

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Chocolate also increases serotonin levels and is much more tastier than celery and green tea contains L-Thianine that controls levels of cortisol that peak at 8a.m. and are often the cause of anxiety on waking.


So any green tea will work and what time should we take it.


Cortisol is one of those hormones that helps us in fight or flight situations. For some reason the human body thinks we need an extra dose when we wake up first thing so levels of cortisol peak at 8a.m. But of course we don't do fight or flight much anymore,certainly not at 8a.m.

It has been known for thousands of years in Asia that Green Teahelps to reduce high anxiety and for many of us the worst part of the day for anxiety is first thing when we wake up. The active ingredient in Green Tea that is helpful is a substance known as L-Thianine.

Any supermarket Green Tea is fine, I start the day with a cup and sometimes take a Green Tea extract supplement at the same time and I find this helpful. You can also buy pure L-Thianine tablets but I prefer to stick with the natural product.

Not everybody finds it works for them but at one pound or one dollar for 20 green tea bags frok your local supermarket it's worth a try. I've never used it at other times of day.


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