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Through the roof


Hello everyone, I have never really thought anything of my anxiety only in awkward situostions where you don't want to be near someone yet your stuck with them, that kind of thing. However recently it's changed a lot. I'm 17, 18 next month and I don't know what's wrong with me. So it's useful I guess to say I'm prone to migraine/mini strokes. However I haven't had a huge one like I would normally have in months. I haven't been sick in 10 years. The other week I had a McDonald's and I woke up trying to be sick, there wasn't enough fluid in me to be sick. A couple days later I had actually been sick. I took a pregnancy test it was negative. Since then I have felt so sick every day, dizzy, like im about to pass out. When I go in the car to places, even my work I feel I'm about to be sick, at work it is semi hot and I have to sit down every 5 minutes as I will pass out. The last few nights I have been having horrible nightmares, as if my body is telling me there is something wrong, however there isn't anything medically wrong with me. The nightmares make me feel like there are alarm bells going off in my head as if I'm about to die soon. Two nights were of alien visits! Not being abducted or anything but just being watched over, it's driving me insane. I saw a lady 4 years ago post on here the exact same feeling etc as me word for word but no one ever said how she's doing so idk what to do as id like to know what happened, she said she felt like she was waiting for the doctors to say she had cancer and that is what I'm feeling like I should hear!! Sorry it's such a long paragraph but I hope someone can help me. Thank you so much

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