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IS IT NORMAL to feel off balance with your eyes closed?

My dizziness was recently as of Friday, diagnosed as being MAV - Migraine Associated Vertigo with BPPV. The BPPV has subsided but I am still recovering from 3 months of migrainous vertigo.

The neurologist says it doesn't look like MS as I am paranoid of having these things. When I stand with my feet together i feel so unbalanced. Is this normal?

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That's what's happening to me and does it almost feel like your swing on a boat like even when you lay down and close your eyes you feel like you're still kind of moving do you feel like your legs are kind of weak? I shouldn't have googled yesterday because MS came up but what did I expect from google? Plus I feel like my vision is wavey or something sometimes. Not all the time . And I keep having slight pressure behind eyes nose and four head .


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