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anyone else get really scared for like nothing anymore? Ill tell you abit of what I mean

.when I see a ambulance I get scared that its a sign im soon to go

.I travel a lot with my nan on a sunday in the car and the only radio she puts on is HEART which scares me weirdly.. but whats weirder is the writing of the HEART on the radio always flickers which is scary to

. when I see a fight hear anyone argue I always get palpitations which are fast irregular and seems like my heart keeps stopping

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yeahits crazy same thing happens to me even to go speak with someone for no reason its like im nervous and my heart starts beating all crazy and fast


Yea I'm jus like you i always feel like this before I even had anxiety I can fight people and watch a fight but now that I have anxiety I hate fighting I hate seeing people fight I hate drama it seems like I'm scared of everything now

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I think everything is a "sign" that it's almost over for me... a life insurance commercial freaks me out, the funeral home commercials and infomercials freak me out... SIRENS FREAK ME OUT! My psychologist said it can be linked to some sort of trauma I had. If you're not seeing a therapist, you should give it a try. I was totally against it but gave it a try and I had my first break through this week.

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