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its been a long year

this year has been so hard and emotional so much have changed and so much needs to be changed its been hard but iam a fighter and i will get throw this some how little by little i will get were i need to get to have my life back on track its not going to be easy .. as a 23 year old i been throw things i never though i would go throw it makes me feel a lot older at points ..

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glitterangle03, You have been through a lot as a 23y.o. However life's experiences and hard knocks are what is making you stronger and wiser. (it's a fast way of growing up, that's for sure) Your determination and will power to never stop fighting will not be a lost cause. We learn from our mistakes and it makes us a better person. My thoughts and prayers continue for a happy and successful outcome for you and your family. With love, x

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thank u


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