To nervous to sleep

3 weeks ago I got sick with a common cold, couldn't sleep had a stuffy nose. fine that normal but since that day I cannot sleep, I have so much. Anxiety. I am fina all day I still have a cough I can't rid of so sometimes I have coughing attacks but otherwise I'm fine. When i try to sleep I feel like I can't catch my breath, my ears plug up I can't hear as well, I start getting super over heated even though I have the AC cranked down to 69.aomeone help don't need a Doctor? Am imposing my mind I'm so tired? If I do go to sleep it isn't until after 630 in the opening m.


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  • Am I losing my mind I'm so tired*** isn't until 630 in the morning**

    See I'm so tired I cannot even think clearly! And when I do sleep say at 630 it is restless I wake up a lot and only be in bed until about 9 cuz I have to be at work

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