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Im not Automatically breathing

Literally my body isn't breathing automatically i have to inhale and exhale all on my own if i don't then i do not breathe at all my body is showing no type of sign that it can do it on its own even when i am distracted such as watching tv, playing a game, anything that i enjoy i do not breathe at all , the doctors cant find anything in my blood or through a chest xray. I been told its just anxiety but how if this has been going on none stop for a whole entire month all day everyday. What should i do ?!

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That's awful to hear that it's been going on for so long :( My experiences with anxiety have recently been amplified over the past few weeks. When I'm super super nervous and having a panic attack, I have to inhale and exhale manually. I had taken days off work due to my physical anxiety symptoms and when it was my first time going back since then, on the walk to work I went through exactly what you described in your post. However the feeling subsided as soon as I arrived to work and realised everything was fine and I was alive.

When I sense that breathing trouble about to arise, what ive found to be effective is when I read somewhere to try and "breathe in for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7, exhale for 8". You should try this.

I've also been interested in aromatherapy recently. I suggest you look into it. There have been many cases where people have found an essential oil/combination of such that eases their anxiety symptoms. I wish you the best of luck.

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Slugbug's reply is really very good and seems to offer you so reassurance. And please remember when you sleep your body is breathing on your own.


Yes! I am the same! I started having migraines and went to a neurologist. Saw I have arthritis in my neck. Went to a chiropractor and then started getting weird tingles and hot flashes in my feet and legs, chest tightness, and other things. Went back to the neurologist, all tests were normal. Apparently being anxious makes you more aware and sensitive, causing more anxiety. It eventually went away for me. But I find when I go, my symptoms come back.


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