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Very painful bubblelike pain

Hi, my name is Nevara.

I have been having a very painful bubblelike pain on the right side of my back for the last month on and off. When I have enough courage to take a deep breath, the pain travel up towards my breast, chest and shoulder. I have seen my Doctor and been to the hospital had tests done, all came back negative. It is so painful and so annoying.

Any ideas on what helps?

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Hey this is my first message and time txting about this so I'm New! Lol I've been going threw similar issues lately, as I was reading from tee jay's convo from a few years ago' I'm going threw the exact same thing I'm scared but hospital won't do anything they say it's my stomach ect...

But I haven't been able to sleep ugh!' I feel like I might have a heart attack or something ... Like I have to get up and move around or go in another room to chill and watch a movie to all wee hrs. Of the night am.... And I don't want to freak out my family but this is the 5th time in a couple weeks I thought it might because my Pa' just passed & my dad had a stroke!' But I don't know.... But I'm Happy to hear I'm not alone on this!!!' Thanks


Hi Hillz27 that is the annoying part. Everytime I lay down to sleep or lay down on a couch, the pain gets worse and I found that if I do something like do gardening or other activities, the pain seem to go away.


Anxiety affects breathing which can affect digestion and gas..I definitely get gassed up (and it's very painful!!) if I'm tense and my breathing gets really short, especially in the morning. Breathing exercises can help, finding a comfortable position to relax and try to eliminate the gas...hope this helps..

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Thank you for your comment, I will definitely try that.


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