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Acid reflux take two?

For the past few months, I have this on and off feeling in my throat (as stated in my last post) It feels like someone is choking me or that my esophagus is contracting and won't let up. I also have this feeling that something is in my throat - it's the worst when I lie down. I'm constantly swallowing or clearing my throat which also hurts. TMI maybe but my breath started to smell today too.. I have really really REALLY bad health anxiety problems and am now worried, to the point where I can't sleep, that I have esophagus cancer.. Any ideas? Im literally freaking myself out - Should I go to the ER to get checked?

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What I will say is that you and I are going through the exact same symptoms panic at the same time. I have acid reflux issues too and I even get the burning sensation in my stomach, plus I feel like something get caught in my throat , and wet burps that feel like throw up, plus I have difficulty swallowing alot of times too and also I have been having a dry cough lately and alot of times these issues are worst at night when I lay down. The burning comes back, I wake out my sleep with a cough, can't sleep cuz my throat bothers me too much and even my voice when I sing around the house sometimes my voice is going in and out. And I'm constantly swallowing too and the moment it feels like it won't go down I panic. And guess what the last few days I too have convinced myself I may have some throat cancer. I was on Google yesterday, a big no no, and it seemed as if all my symptoms I was feeling was matching up. It was so bad mentally that i was considering going to the urgent care to get a throat culture or something. This is awful and funny but not funny but now that I see you are going through the same, I can laugh a little with hopes and prayers that it's only our anxiety and we are fine. Our throats are fine.


Let's hope to God we're both ok! I'm going for a scope tomorrow - I'm so scared!


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