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I cannot shift this anxiety. If that's what it is. I'm convinced something is wrong with my heart. All day I'm in pain, get tight chest. Burning chest. Pains in arms, the pain feels internal, external. One thing I've noticed is I can definitely feel my pec in my left side bur not my right? Is that to do with tensing. I can't beat this. It's way on top of me. I'm constantly checking my chest for a beat and worrying why it's bEating faster, slower, harder, faster, does exertion make the beat faster and harder? It feels different to when I'm relaxing. Well trying to relax anyway. How can I have so many issues but be alive again the next day. It's killing me, if not physically then mentally for sure.

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Sandy1710, I too, always felt like I died a thousand deaths each day but here I was still alive and well the next day and the next. I would think it would almost be better to have something physical, treat it and it's gone whereas the mind is harder to fix. The focus on the heart was probably the hardest thing for me to get over but once I did, it opened up a lot of doors for me. The fixation I had on every heart beat and my blood pressure kept me prisoner in my own body. I didn't believe the test results or the doctors so I kept going in circles.

It wasn't until I started water aerobics did I start to feel better. My heart needed exercise, my mind needed exercise. Starting slow and wary but eventually up to 6 days a week working out. As I did, I noticed my heart beat wasn't as erratic. I kept my hands away from checking my heart rate and blood pressure. It was very difficult at the beginning but got easier with time.

I didn't mention that the Fitness Center was in my nearby hospital. That in itself gave me peace of mind. Something needs to change Sandy in order for you to move forward. Once you have all the proper tests done for your heart then it's up to you to take that leap of faith that your doctors are right, this is anxiety. However slow you move forward, don't stay stuck. It is so wearing on both the mind and body to stay in this circle of fear.

It didn't happen overnight and as hard as I would work out in the water, I was afraid to take a walk. So we all need to find whatever works for us. The forum can give you the emotional support and understand you need but we can't move your muscles in making you go forward. Only you have that power within you. Let's hope today is the day :)

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I feel this too all the time


I also feel like this daily, chest pains arm pains muscle aches fatigue shortness of breath vision problems now , I've never had a problem with my eyes. Chest always feel sore & hurts. Back pains neck pains leg pains you name it. I know exactly how you feel. 😞

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