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Total struggle

I am struggling like hell at the moment; battling my dreadful brain fog and migraines. I have had a relentless headache for the whole of last week and feeling just awful - on top of that I have been feeling really anxious because I'm feeling like I can't cope anymore and yesterday I actually felt like I didn't want to live anymore because I can't cope with this fog anymore. I've had this fog for 24 years now after I came down with some virus in 1994 (!) and I've never been the same since and have battled with it. It I would say is the biggest reason for my anxiety because I don't know what I'm dealing with - it's like I"m living looking at things through a white mist all the's has been pretty much always been bad but sometimes it gets really bad and then I just can barely function. This amongst the many other symptoms I deal with on a daily basis - itchy skin/bad stomach/palpitations/diarrhoea/feeling tired/anxious My life is pretty relentless as a mother - I have recently moved to working part time as I couldn't cope with working full time anymore but of course now I'm worrying about earning a lot less - I have also noticed that it seems to get worse (the fog) when being at home and I'm thinking now that pollution has a major part to play in how I feel physically - I live next to a very very busy road - now I'm feeling anxious that I should move but I can't cope with how I"m going to do this and how this will work with my children - I"m pretty low right now - I have quit smoking which although a good thing is also making me feel quite low but I'm not going to give up.

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Poor you, that sounds awful. The last sentence tells me how strong you are though. My guess is that all your symptoms are stress/ anxiety related and are physical symptoms from this. Have you tried simple things like walking, drinking more water, researching what to eat based on your symptoms, breathing techniques etc ... if you say to yourself it's anxiety and focus on how to relieve it might just settle you never know ?!?! Also see Gp for counselling options . Good luck 😊👍



Reading your post and you feeling you started suffering after a virus I am wondering if fibromyalgia has ever been mentioned that you could be suffering with as this is a condition that has your symptoms as well as many more that they feel can be caused when our bodies have been though any kind of trauma i.e a bad virus

There is a Community on HU for fibromyalgia I will pop you the link on so you can take a look :-)

I think it is sensible that you have gone part time however I do understand the money concerns , I see you are in the UK and I am sure if you can prove you have had to go on part time and I think if you are still working 16 hours you can get your money topped up as well as maybe some help with any housing rent , prescriptions and so on , you need to ask your Doctor to maybe write you a letter and you could speak with the CAB they will give you all the advise and support with the financial side of things but please do look into it because there could be money there you could claim to help you and that will be one worry less

I would also speak with your Doctor and insist more is done to help as this is now having an impact on every accept of your life , there is the support out there we sometimes have to keep repeating ourselves asking for it but if we keep doing so then we do usually get heard :-)

Take Care x


How does your brain fog effect u ?


It makes me anxious and depressed - I would like to have a clear head; I never see the world how it should be - I always have a headache or heavy head; like a massive hangover; except I don't have a hangover - so imagine having a huge hangover every day for 24 years and it hasn't changed and it hasn't got any easier and no one has ever been able to tell you why you feel this way...bummer or what?


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