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Change of Job?

I have spoken to someone on here already about this but its been amplified today after speaking to my doctor.

To put a bit into context I have had two jobs that have apparently contributed to my mental health.. I say apparently as I don't believe it but anyway. My first job was a Transport Law Enforcement Officer, bit like a police officer just for transport. My second job I am not allowed to disclose but it is very similar to my first.

So he asked me if I have had any traumatic experiences at work, I am not usually an open person but its obviously best to be open with your doctor so I was. I have had multiple suicides at work, been threatened with knives more times than I can count however that was in my old job, not happened in my current... yet lol and had numerous attempted assaults. However as much as I tried to explain it didn't effect me (literally each accident I stayed, other than the suicides where company policy states I have to be relieved of duties for the day). He says it is bad for my mental health and advises I look for new employment in a different field.

I was explaining to the other person on this site (I am not sure if they want to be named) that I am a web developer but even though the pay is a hell of a lot more and its something I enjoy more, I much prefer.. I guess you can call it the physical power trip I get at my current/previous job as stupid as that sounds.

I loved getting in foot chases etc, the adrenaline rush was unreal.. it was amazing!

I think I have rambled on enough, I need to start making these shorter!!

Anywho, what do you guys think? Agree with my doctor?

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TheInjuredBiker...I can relate to what you are saying. It is the adrenaline rush that is amazing. I can't believe I'm saying that because I didn't like it when it pertained to an anxiety attack. In my job too, I loved the unexpected, the alarm going off and not knowing where that call would take us. When anxiety took over and I had to leave, I wondered too if I would ever be happy with anything else. That is when I started my own little company in the suburban town I live in. I founded a 24/7 Emergency Care Service. Was bombarded within weeks with calls from new clients. The company is called "OnCall" It once again gave me the feeling that I was helping people in crisis/emergency situations. And then I found this forum as well, where I am able to extend myself in helping others through my own experiences in life both work related and anxiety issues.

Maybe you have to back down for a little while and find something comparable but on the other side of the adrenaline line. I wish you well. I certainly understand where you are coming from...


Hi Agora1, sorry for the late response. Had a rough couple of days.

Exactly! I am as weird as it sounds, trying to make myself enjoy the panic attacks until I get my treatment (I am on a waitlist). I feel if I enjoy the adrenaline rush of potentially being hurt I should be able to enjoy a panic attack. Yeah don't worry, I know how weird that sounds lol!

WOW! Well firstly can I commend you on one, starting a business (I know how hard that is, I have seen multiple startups fail) and secondly in the field you did.

I do think I will need to back down or possibly retire from this field of work and actually work on what I like which is web development but I won't be taking any action on this until my psych has spoken to me and advised me what he/she thinks is best.

Thank you so much for your response though, especially considering theres so many similarities.

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