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This is becoming confusing

I posted a message yesterday but I guess I started feeling new stuff, I suddenly feel pressure in my brain different sides like left and right back and front and as I mentioned I have difficulties remembering knowledge I used to have like recognize people around me, words, actions, body language its my head is empty and and I cannot attach my thoughts together and speak them out in a proper sentence .. I went through anixety 2 weeks ago and I guess I do feel less worried but what's the use when my mind don't work properly.. also I have trouble connecting to my emotions I don't know how to talk to my family and friends I just keep quiet because every time I talk I make no sense and they look at me like I'm a weird person its just they're okay with it because they think I'm stressed .. I can't laugh I can't think I just do what I have to do I can't even feel time and excitement almost a robot

This is really bad for me because I'm usually a chatty and extremely positive person after going through all the exams pressure I'm afraid I lost myself whats going on :(

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