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Fast roads/motorways - panic attacks

Hi, I've read a lot of the posts on panic attacks while driving in motorways and fast roads BUT when I experience a panic attack in this situation, I have to drive as close to the white lines as possible; it's like I'm being 'pulled' to the side of the road. I also feel I'm off balance, and fidget and lean forward.

I usually avoid the types of roads that cause it but I've just moved 200 miles from home, so have to conquer this ASAP.

It's a problem I've had for 30+ years, with occasional respite. I recently had hypnosis to try and sort it - and I did manage to drive myself all the way up from Brighton to Nottingham, but yesterday I had a major attack on a 'ring road', and now can't see a way to overcome it. Panic I can try and manage through breathing. It's the awful need to get as far to the left as possible I can't cope with - it turns me into s dangerous driver, which I'm not.


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Hi Lisa

I had a period of having ng panic attacks on motorways but let me tell you it didnt stop me driving the 500 odd miles to see my fella.

I used to find traffic jams hard especially in the hot weather. Now i if i get a niggle I smile and let it go.

I found asking myself if the panic was serving me or stopping me. Of course it was stopping me so along came the determination and self-compassion. I soothed myself aswell as encouraged myself that I was ok and that I COULD do this. Calming breathing and perhaps some gentle music helped me through too. Hope this helps.x

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