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Anxiety from vertigo

I feel crazy, sad and little bit hopeless. I have OCD and anxiety. Truth be told I am 48 and I have had some form of it the majority of my life. I tend to worry and focus on my health or my children's health.

About a month ago, I rolled over in bed and had the classic start to vertigo. I have had it twice over the last year. It tends to be very positional and lingers when I try to lie down at night. Normally, this wouldn't cause me too much stress. This last bout really wasn't bad while I am moving, but I had been having the hardest time sleeping at night. I would lay in my ten pillows and close my eyes and the room felt like it was spinning to best of my pulse. It is so annoying. I mentioned it to my husband who is an ER doctor ( don't be jealous, it isn't a good thing, they blow off everything) . I said should I go see someone. He said it has lasted longer than normal, maybe you should see someone, but they will probably want to do an MRI. My heart instantly started racing. I don't want that, I said. I have horrible phobia of doctors after some bad experiences. I would love to get it done if it put my mind at ease, but so afraid it will only add more uncertainty. My husband made me follow his finger and said, hmm, you have nystagmus. I asked him to do it again couple days later, it still there. He got mad at me and said there is nothing wrong with you. You have vestibular problem, just deal with it. Of course, I read that nystagmus while following your finger could be indicative of central problem in the brain. Needless to say, he won't talk about the subject. I am living in constant panic now that something serious is wrong. Of course, it makes any dizziness worse. I wish I could be normal, could handle uncertainty. I feel alone, pathetic and like I want to jump out of my skin.

Thanks for listening!

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I know the feeling of wanting to jump out of my own skin. I think I described it in one of my posts way in the beginning when I first started to post. But I wish you well and I hope you make a decision so you can get a piece of mind.

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Thank you! It helps reading everybody's post on here. I wish I wasn't so afraid.


Hi Kim, I am so sorry you are going through all of this!

have you seen any specialists yet? Such as an ENT for the vertigo


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