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Stuck in a rut

So I'm getting over bronchitis and the z pak they gave me was awful. Caused awful dizziness and made me already existing anxiety unbareable. I am not on meds any longer as I was tired of all the side effects so I try to get through most of the anxiety myself, which lately is proving very difficult. I have had some anxiety attacks recently and it's been quite awhile since I had any. I thought I was starting to do good and get put of my brain fog and then today I was walking outside and the sun kind of made my eyes go weird for a minute and that freaked me out and immediately triggered my fight or flight response which put me in full blown panic and I almost passed our but was able to calm myself down and slow my breathing and take some long deep breaths. But what really has me freaked out is that since that panic attack I feel really like detached if that makes sense, but I don't feel disoriented, I know exactly what I'm doing and when im doing it but I feel like I'm just going through the motions. It's very weird, I don't feel panicky just kind of detached. Can anyone relate to this? Is this the calm after the panic attack?

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