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Panick & anxiety


Iv been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. My left arm tingles. Chest and back pains. In my neck my mouth. This is every day. Iv had every check and I'm fine. I have a great life. Busy job. Wonderful family.

I don't understand any of this. I hold back on so much now. In fear of a heart attack. Gym football. Taking the dog in the woods driving. I know I have a problem. But how do I stop this. Iv been on diazepam. But forced my self off them. I wake in fear of the day. And actually panick of having panick attacks. I just want my life back. Thanks for reading.

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Hi Lamby50, I understand everything you are feeling...so do all the others on the forum. You are not alone. Anxiety can take hold and leave us believing that it is something impossible to get rid of. Not so Lamby, not so. You can have the most perfect life in the world and yet somehow, something deep inside grabs onto a negative thought and anxiety grows.

We tend to fixate on our heart (not unusual).Waking up to the fear of a new day is the norm for an anxious person. The anticipation of what the day holds as well as having the "what ifs" inside our mind. Fear of fear becomes strong. And so we are set up for failure unless we become unstuck.

Some use medication and therapy as a bridge, others who like yourself got off meds (including me) but the answer is the same. We must claim back what is ours and that's "Our Lives". Now is the time to start looking for resources that can help you stop this fear cycle you are in. A book by Dr. Claire Weekes on "Hope & Help for Your Nerves" has been very successful with many of us getting started on the right path. Understanding and learning about our disorder is a way of accepting that it is not harmful. Anxiety is not physical but an emotional problem.

Acceptance of the fear feelings, the crazy weird symptoms throughout our body is our mind playing this "sick" trick on us. Once you have read the book and anything similar you can work on giving yourself some "me" time. Escape from the daily hectic pace whether good or bad is important in order to recharge your mind. I use 5-10 minute escapes on YouTube by typing in Audio Meditation/Deep Breathing in the afternoons. It's refreshing...Deep Breathing throughout the day, also helps. Push away the negative scared feelings and fears and replace it with positive thoughts. Keep coming back to the forum for support and understanding. Most of all, get back the life you so richly deserve for you and your family. Make it a great day :)


Firstly I'd like to thank you for your reply. Your reply alone has gave me hope. Just with your answer. It's been difficult to talk about. And this is the first time Iv let it out properly. I'm just a small section. Iv come along way in the past year. Facing this fear. It some times feels some one els is living inside of me. But from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much. And will take your advise and get that book. Thank you.

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