Can I get a job with such bad panic attacks?

I have recently quit my job because of panic attacks and I have an interview for a new one Tuesday. I already feel so shaky and nervous and feel as though I may not be able to do it.

My symptoms are inability to speak as I uncontrollable shake. My heart races and I can't breath. These aren't very good when interviewing. What should I do to help this?


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  • Go see a Psychiatrist who can listen to know and work with you to get on a good treatment plan. You have to communicate problems and changes back to the doctor for the treatment to work on a regular basis.

    I myself am waiting to make sure I have all my symptoms sufficiently tackled before heading back out there to work again.

  • I can't see one for 4-6 weeks and I can't be unemployed for that long 😩. I am fine In work, it will be the interview that will be the problem. As long as I can seem okay in that hour or so I should be fine. If this one doesn't go well, I won't go for an interview for a while, so I can't sort it out.

  • Hi Demindungarees. Can't/won't tell you what to do - only what I would do as someone who interviews regularly & suffers extreme depression/anxiety. If you were sitting ov the table from me & began by saying; "Please excuse me but I suffer really badly from anxiety. However I'm taking a responsible path to controlling it with medication/regular medical reviews". First thing I think is, "Wow, here's an applicant who's brutally honest & frank & who hits their challenges head on. This is a person who, like me has the tee shirt & worn it. It's someone I can see in post knowing they'll approach the job demands with commitment, transparency & honesty. I know exactly where they're coming from & what they've achieved by getting here in front of me. I'm gonna run with this coz I like where it's heading"! Tell em exactly where you're coming from & what you've achieved thus far!

  • Hey, thank you for this. This is great advice! I hope it helps, because the way I talk to people in an interview is not the way I am at work. I am confident and happy at work, I just scared at talking to people when they are literally judging me for a job causing me to have a panic attack.

  • Hi try looking at some Mindfullness/anxiety guided stuff on you tube I find they help me short term as well as breathing techniques and self help books. I have started reading the DARE book which can help long term in dealing with high anxiety and panic attacks. Good luck x

  • I know much of what I say is, arguably, "easier said than done". Try not to forget you're interviewing them - Do you wanna work with them? Does is strike you as a good place/colleagues to work with? You don't have to say yes just coz they offer you the job. You are the only one, in the entire interview, that matters. I ink back to my int view for what I do now. I was s#itting myself. I thought I had not a snowball's chance in hell! Becau of this I relaxed in the interview. I was so convinced I was there merely to "make up he numbers", if I thought I had even an outside chance of the job, I wouldn't have said half the things I said in my wildest dreams! I found it was my "laid back, Divil may care attitude" that impressed the Chairman & MD! There's gotta be a moral there so go on; fill yer boots & enjoy the experience!

  • Why don't you just tell them. Like you say you'll be fine in the job it's just the interview, you'll be surprised at the response. I've done it and the person interviewing explained that ; it's ok I've suffered something similar. I was still shaky but I wasn't afraid of having a panic and being embarrassed by it.

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