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Hiatus hernia

Is that how you slept it? Eetoehr way. I've self diagnosed. I've had acid reflux for ages but this is what's causing it. Constant chest pain in not spot just below my sternum. Constant (and I mean constant) heartburn and acid taste in my mouth. I was paranoid it was my heart if get these shocks lienid been jolted in the chest but I think it's all down to this. Going doctor today to see what can be don't about it

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You can't self diagnose because you are not a Doctor , but by doing so you can do what you just have done and that is frighten yourself so you do have to see a doctor

I am sure you will not have what you have Googled and when the Doc has assured you of that I would seriously ask for some help with your Health Anxiety because when I look at your posts there is a pattern of you thinking you have something , going to the Doctors then when you have been reassured it does not last long before you need to go back with something else again and I know because I have been where you are but the only way to stop this from keep recurring is getting all the support you can with your Health Anxiety , Counselling and more Counselling if needed because that reassurance we keep seeking as you know never lasts long and so the cycle continues

Good luck at the Doctors and I hope you bring up about your Health Anxiety and ask what support they can offer while you are there :-)

Take Care x


He knows about my anxiety. He agrees I may have a hernia as it's been ongoing/that's what's causing the anxiety. Finally getting somewhere. Due to go back in 2 weeks. I knew there was something. This isn't in my mind


Mr Heap I am pleased you have been and got this sorted even though usually if you have a Hernia they usually refer you to the hospital to get it sorted but once you have had this sorted out do you think your Anxiety will go away then ? if it does then that is great but if you find yourself worrying over your health again then as the Doctor knows already you have anxiety between you you need to start discussing what you can do for that to :-)

Hope you feel better soon :-) x

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I've got all the symptoms, belching all day, gurgling in chest, acid taste, feel like something stuck behind my sternum constantly. Weirdly mine happens when I stand in a morning. so I'm being referred :) once I know it's not my heart I think my anxiety will be done :)


Hope so and if not you know what to do next get some support :-)

Good luck , let us know if once you get sorted out if you are anxiety free :-) x

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