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Need help with anxiety

I have been dealing with anxiety and its symptoms for a while now. 3 years, and im 16. I dont know what it could be though since there are a couple of things i recall that could be factors. I drank a lot of Monster Energy when i was in middle school for almost a year until i got my first panic attack from it. I stopped ever since. Then about halfway into the next year, 5.0 tremor happens. I was startled but the aftershocks were honestly the worst for me. I hated not knowing when the next one would happen and it would startle me when it did. After that, it just worse and worse. Now i deal with the heavy head sensation, occasional dizziness, my legs feeling like they sort of vibrate when they arent tired or sore, im sensitive to movements, as i feel like its from an earthquake, and twitchiness in areas i havent had twitches before, such as the left part of my upper lip when talking for prolonged periods of time, though it isnt every time, or talking when im nervous, such as a doing a presentation in front of class, when im whistling for a while even though my lips dont feel tired, if that makes any sense, and an embarrassing time was when i had a girlfriend and we would make out, my lips would tremble. Another example of the twitching is my legs. When i kneel, my legs twitch. Also never happened before.i would feel these things and get scared from it sometimes, which fueled my anxiety. Then there were some things that i noticed about myself that i didnt think were linked to anxiety. I realized that i get irritated very easily, i would randomly lose my train of thought at times, in the middle of talking, and- my father pointed this one out to me- i would have dilated pupils. So i searched anxiety to get a better understanding, then i saw Traumatic brain injury. Something clicked, i remembered that when i was about 10 or perhaps younger, i slipped and hit the back of my head pretty hard. I even remember hearing the impact of my head on the floor. All i had was pain on the back of my head, but that was it. After the pain went away, i felt fine. No vomiting or seizures or anything. It was as if nothing happened, except for the swelling on the back of head from the impact. That was somewhat noticeable. Then, in my sophmore year (currently finished my junior year, now becoming a senior), i was playing football, 2 hand touch, with my classmates in weight training. I was trying to run towards the person with the ball but there were too many people blocking our way. I ducked down and spun to get past. It ended up with someone jogging towards my side and their hip collided with the left side of my head. I immediately felt dizzy but it went away after 5 minutes and i kept playing with no problems. And more recently, no longer talking about head injuries, i would fall asleep and wake up with my neck hurting. Thats normal, sometimes we change our head position while we sleep and that causes the stiff neck right? Problem is is that i would sleep in the same position, on my side and thats how i would wake up. I would move in my sleep, as i woke up in the same spot i fell asleep in. Sometimes, i would wake up with the left side of my neck hurting, wonder why if i slept and woke up in the same position. And speaking of sleep, i have been trying to change my sleep habit. For a while i would wake up at 6:30, then when im done with classes, i would get home, sleep for a good 2-4 hours (usually 2), the fall asleep again at 11- 3 in the morning ( usually 1, rarely at 3), and wake up at 6:30, and repeat the process. Lately i have been trying to sleep at 10 and wake up at 6 but i dont succeed at times, and i would do that same thing im trying to stop doing. With all these factors, im not sure what the cause is. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and help. I really appreciate it.

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Welcome to this venue and to your teenage years.

Many of the things you reported are common to the many changes, mentally and physically, to young people as they survive their teenage years.

Some anxiety at your age is often experienced, the changes in your body and mind are too numerous to list.

To reassure yourself that you're just passing the normal stress of the teenage years, it might be helpful to have a thorough physical exam, including blood work and a visit with a psychologist or psychiatrist to discuss your concerns about your health.

Hopefully after your physical exams ad your mental health assessment, you will know that your concerns are normal for a 16 year old young man.

Speak with your parents about your concerns, and having a physical and mental check hopefully will put your mind at rest. If something is found during the check-ups this would be a good time to get the medical care or psychological attention needed.

My best wishes to you for a bright and healthy future.


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