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If you need someone to talk to

Good morning happy sunday to you all hope your doing good just want to say if anyone needs to chat about what your going through or just to clear your head then please dont suffer in silence i am here just inbox me day or night i will get back to you i know how much it helped me when i my pannic dissorder and gad was at its worst just having someone there made a big diffrrence for me so please dont suffer in silence i am here for you . Bless xxx

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So good to know there are people here t talk to.

Thank you for this

All good wishes to you x🌺

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Thanks for your kind offer Mrdj. I'm struggling @ the mo. So many of my own probs yet my family expect me to sort their probs on top. Feel "swanlike" - On the surface all is cool, calm & gliding along but underneath I'm paddling like buggery just to stay afloat!

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Hi i struggle the last few days and i breakdown today at work. I just cried because i cant take it anymore.. the cyle of fear of dying and the cycle of thinking the same thing over and over again...


Greyen, fear (whether warranted or not) is a powerful emotion that can sweep over us in an instant and then continue to build until we learn to stop that fear in it's tracks. Whatever the fear is about, it will continue because fear begets fear. Something needs to break that cycle of fear and you have in your power to do that. Sometimes short term medication may be needed along with therapy. Learning more about the mind/body connection as well as learning to accept anxiety as not dangerous will help immensely. Deep breathing when on the verge of feeling the next panic will help restore calm to your mind and body. It takes practice, practice makes perfect, when you are not in that frame of mind. By learning these techniques you wil be able to break that cyle of thinking and same thing over and over again. x


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