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Need advice

Doctors all say this pain is due to anxiety but it's getting really intense.. and it's going on five months since the first panic attack I get every symptom every day and night lately I've had cold bluish hands and feet my veins are popped out weird chest pains and back pains I think I'm confused because I'm not even anxious or thinking about anything. The physical symptoms are worse than mental I just want to be myself again I hate dwelling on things like that I always think of stroke heart attack heart disease blood clots aneurysm because it's so intense. Please I'm drained and so tired has anyone experienced the physical pain for this long and if so what were your symptoms? I'm so desperate I have weird chest sensations that made anxiety really bad I hate complaining but this happened out of the blue I've never had anxiety or panic before I was fine. Are the doctors missing anything?

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You should probably see a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you. Anxiety can cause you to feel a million different things. Try relaxing methods. You could try getting a massage, they help with circulation and help to relax your muscles, body and mind. If your doctors have run tests and labs and everything is normal there try seeking help from a therapist. Taking to someone could maybe help uncover what's causing your to have panic attach and anxiety.

I wish you the best


The physical pain comes from being tense all day. Your body just feels like it needs to run and that adrenaline wears you out. I feel just like you do and just wish I could be my old panic free self but try and focus on the new improved you. You've got to get to a point where you can reassure yourself when feeling like you're unhealthy. Easier said than done I know but at least you know you're not alone in these scary and helpless thoughts and feelings.


Hi, i feel very similar.. and took an year than i could get the idea is all coz of anxiety, because before it started , i had not any anxiety feelings.. and now it comes even im feeling good.. chest pain, heart beating, pain in legs, pain in head, fear of heart attack all the time, fear of blood clot.. 39 years of my life i was very healthy person.. then came first chest pain and from time i am in anxiety too.. i cant give you much of advices as i am just learning to deal with it.. i just can say that all your symptoms are from the anxiety.. same like mine.. i never before could believe that psychic can make so much with my body...


I've felt that for at least 2 years then with counseling & natural remedies I've been managing it quite well. It sucks though that you are going through this. I'd say (my opinion) it's from you being tense. Being in a state of panic or'anxiety can be draining to anyone. I'd say get counseling if you can or write out your thoughts in a journal, listen to relaxing music & get through the anxiety . Don't ignore but don't get lost in that anxious feeling ....kick it's a** lol. I'm currently having an anxiety attack now because of pms & deciding what to wear on my date. Oh & acid reflux too lol. It always sucks having an anxiety attack but it won't ever stick around . You'll feel like YOU again .


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