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Worried about a brain tumor?

I have constant daily mild headaches which get worse when straining and bending down. I feel dizzy and tired all the time. Also have had sudden weight gain and flashes of light in the corners of my eyes and blurry vision my other symptoms are:

-icepick headaches


-stiff neck

-blurry vision

-feel 'off' like not myself

-fatigue/tiredness 24/7

-cognitive problems e.g. difficulty concentrating finding it harder and harder to think of the correct words, clumsiness ect...

- constant numbness in left fingers and foot which really scares me

Anyway so I'm really worried because I am flying tomorrow to Australia and I'm so scared I'm going to have a brain hemmorage in the air or something ? Help

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To me it sounds like major health anxiety, but get checked out for your peace of mind


Have you had your blood pressure checked? I had very similar symptoms to you, now I'm on a couple meds to control it and hasn't happened since... Would also cause major anxiety and heart palpitations at times.


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