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Has anyone ever felt this way?

My anxiety is getting the best of me again. I started feeling really anxious and worried, I wanted to just burst into tears but for some reason I just felt paralyzed and numb. I was reacting to my anxiety differently this time, usually I start hyperventilating like crazy and have racing thoughts, but this time I felt like I was holding back even though I wanted to cry! Which made me feel even worse, but then I soon calmed down and I still feel numb. I have this weird derealization feeling. I want to just cry but I just feel so paralyzed and like at any moment I will just pass out. Has anyone else felt this way before during a panic attack?

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Hi AnxietyBarbie,

I also suffer from anxiety, there will be times when you feel like you are in a dream or like you are numb to everyone and everything I also experience these symptoms. There's really nothing to do but just to stay as connected with your surroundings as possible. Stay strong and remember you are not alone! 😊

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