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Strange anxiety symptom

I suffered from dp 6years ago and got okay 90%... now out of blue I got few panic attacks and it's back... M unable to cope... it's derealisation this time... I feel really strange... my own bed room look weird and unfamiliar... and today I was working in kitchen and I just felt as if my kitchen is in space disconnected from rest of the world... I feel severe symptom of dp Dr in flours cent lights... any one else feel this way? Please guide me what to do...

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I can related. Been in this hell of Dp/dr for over 3 months. 3 months ago I started fighting off panic attacks and all of a sudden I wake up one morning and I'm stuck like this. Waiting to snap back to reality. Also, i got this before when I was a teen and snapped out of it without any help but it took more than a year. Now I'm 36 and got help and I'm still stuck. Message me if you want to talk. And I have symptoms with all types of lights. My room and surroundings seem very unfamiliar when this first started. I couldn't even go to the market and leave my house for 2 weeks. I finally forced myself to do my normal routine while crumbling in the inside. My kitchen was my biggest problem. I use to go in there and run out and that was devastating because I loved to be in there. I love to cook. It just sucks

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