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I live in the UK, suffer from anxiety depression and stress have been told its because of PTSD, I feel like I have been dragged behind a truck at speed just now, I also suffer from Agoraphobia and Diverticula disease+ a degenerative skeletal condition, this week my stress levels have shot up and anxiety is bad all due to someone being malicious,I have a friend who acts as my carer we have been friends for a long time and by being able to ask him to stay when I am going through bad bouts of anxiety or from my physical conditions has made my life a lot easier,Until now that is. Today the DWP compliance officer interviewed me on the telephone an allegation has been made that my friend "Rents" a room from me? and that I rent out a space in the mobility shed! I am now afraid to call him If and when I am going through a bad time health wise physical and mental wise. Like now! why do people make these things up just to cause us pain ? they can make these calls anonymously and no come backs on them! yet we the ones accused of cheating get investigated benefits stopped etc etc etc! and there are no punishments to the accuser when its found you have been 100% and even tried to save the system money by using friends as helpers/carers! it just seems so unfair! I know I should not be worried as I have done nothing at all wrong or illegal, but the stress is getting too much for me to handle!

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Hi Delzek. Wherever possible I stay clear of phone calls & am never alone @ JCP mtgs. I tend to put all in writing. No chance of em lying. Course they don't lie do they??!!


Don't speak to them in the phone, am sure that isn't legal 😮

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I dont know why but I trusted the man I spoke to from the DWP,he seemed geuinely to care, Mind I keep being told I am too trusting.

What gets me is I follow the rules, I am saving the government money because I dont claim carers allowance, by asking my friend to stay with me when I am having bad times is saving the government money as otherwise I would probably be hospitalised. I really can not understand why someone could be so malicious?? those that know me know the problems I have so why would they make false allegations? I now understand why there are so many suicides by people on benefits ,I feel like giving up myself but am not going to let who ever it was that made the allegation win ! yet at the same time I dont want to live in a world where People can be so viciously evil


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