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Can all of this really be anxiety

Hi I've suffered from what I think is anxiety it started off with me smoking weed am then one day I had palpitations very fast didn't worry then they came again with breathlessness went a and e and all clear then it all started started having panick attacks left right and centre got more ecgs bloodwork xrays all fine and then I kept thinking I was going to die so started eating healthy and trying to avoid what I thought I was gling to have .... A heart attack... Few month went by now still had bad anxiety all based on my heart recently o had a 24hr ECG came up with arrhythmia and sinus tachycardia and I suffer from what I think is depression what a load of things to make me worry :( I've heard u can die off arrythmia but they said its fine I am seeing a heart doctor soon ..., now my symptoms are changing.. I always get a weird feeling like a numbness in my jaw arms tension headaches

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Hello. Anxiety can be involved in your life in many ways. Your concerns match many that a member of our venue (Johnnie1234) has. Maybe you can find some of his posts and the replies he has received over the last few months. Might be of some help. If you have a doctor and have been prescribed medication, I hope you are taking it.

In the meanwhile, there seems always to be some one in this venue to listen to you when you need to write. My best to you for a better day tomorrow. :)


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