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The thing is my days are going pretty okay but I can't seem to shake this fear of going places alone. I am so frustrated, the thought of going somewhere gives me anxiety and panic, then my mind starts going wild about all of the crazy things that can possibly happen. I'm not sure if it's ever going to stop no matter how good of a day I have. I want to get dressed nice and curl my hair, go out and have fun tonight without feeling scared half to death and rushing home. What could this be, I don't think it's anxiety anymore.

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It is anxiety. Believe that. It makes you fear things so you avoid those things and soend your whole time thinking "what if". If you go somewhere, dont rush home because that is sending the message to your brain that you can only feel safe at home. Stay a little longer then go home at a time of your choosing. Listen or read Barry McDonagh's book DARE or Claire Weekes' books and audio. They explain it so well and you will realise that you are textbook anxiety person!! Sorry....but we aren't special and our symptoms are not unique!! Go and have fun and kick anxiety's butt to the kerb!!! 🌴🤗

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Okay Thank Yoouuuuu. I will try again today.


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