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Extremely frustrated.


Hi my name is Jadé (jah-day) I joined this group because I happened to stumble across it looking for ways to cure my 24/7 dizziness lightheadedness blurred vision ringing in my ears (full ears) & tingling sensations in my head. I suffer almost every day once in a while I'll have a good day. It's hard to function, hard to make it through the day especially at work. This has been going on for about 3 months now. I'm certain it's been longer but it wasn't as severe so I ignored it at first. Someone please help. I saw a post from Thera & our stories are exactly the same. Word for word of what she described fits what I'm currently going through I cried to my doctors and they continue to say I'm okay.

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You should have a read through mine! I'm exactly the same! Mine hasn't been so bad since I had an MRI scan of my brain which showed I was fine. But I still do get really bad days. The lightheadedness is the WORST!!! Do you get random quick enough phases of dizziness too? I haven't found anything to stop these, I think the only thing that slightly helped is really just trying to ignore them! The more I do that the less strong they come back

That sounds like vestibular migraine to me. Or possibly Menieres syndrome but there are overlaps between the two and might even be the same thing. Mine was helped for a number of years by taking betahistine (serc) which relieves that feeling of pressure in your ears, then amitriptyline on top of that to act as a preventative. I think you need a second opinion and a different doc !!

Good luck, dizziness is horrible and no one who hasn't had it doesn't understand because we look well and most tests are normal!!!

This is just like me

I have had shocking lightheadedness and was suffering everyday with it constantly. I have ringing in my ears as well but now I listen to music at night and the ringing in my ears has settled as its no where near as intense as it was. I have had lots of tests and doctors told me I had positional vertigo but it only comes on when I get anxiety now and that can mean I might have it 5 out of 7 days or I may have it all the time or I may just get it a few times a week. Have you tried counselling or seeing a psychologist ?

Hi Jade, I have bppv and understand exactly how you feel. Go back to your doctor and ask for a referral to see an ENT specialist. They will be able to assess your hearing and balance. You may be sent for an MRI brain scan this is to rule out tumours, please do not worry as these are extremely rare. My scan showed no tumour. It is a case of learning to move more slowly, we have crystals in our ears which brush against tiny hairs to give us our balance

Hugs Liz x

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