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Hi my name is Tamika i'm 23 this year 2017. I suffer from anxiety. I get scared to sleep when the sun goes down. My heart beats very slow I have to have a smoke. I'll smoke til the sun comes up. I don't want to die i'v never wanted to die. It scares my body the thought of dieing. I'm unemployed and on centrelnk. I'll possibly will be on the streets at 24 or 25. I live alone. Iv lived alone for three years and I'm a drug user.

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Hi. You smoke cannabis? What are you scared of when sleeping, dying? Why would you be on the streets?

Does smoking cannabis if so ever make you paranoid?

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I don't have a car or much money I cant find work. I'm scared I won't wake up I have trouble breathing. Yes you don't remember when it leaves your system. Does horrible things to the brain and heart. Smoking cigarettes gets you through after taking drugs.

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Hi Tamika, maybe it's time to take control of your life. Drugs give a temporary escape from the reality of life, I know. But even cannabis used regularly eventually cause mental health problems, some people have a higher threshold, some a lower, but it affects everybody in the end. Sorry for sounding old fashioned but that's my observation.

Maybe it's time to turn your life round, Tamika. I know jobs can be hard to find but you could make getting a job your job. And don't be too choosy, all work is noble. It's easier to get and hold down a job if you manage to be drug free but of course that's your choice.

Lastly, most important, surround yourself with people and friends who are good for you. Don't surround yourself with people who are bad for you.

You have been given the power to do this. I can see you a few years from now, not on the street, living in a nice place, a few good friends, a job that you don't mind doing, someone special in your life who's good. Maybe you already have some of those things, I hope so.

Maybe it's time to do the hard thing, Tamika, but it's your call.


Thank you. I have the light on I'm going to force myself to sleep. I have an asthma puffa in my top too just in case I wake up again gasping for air and with a heavy head and sore eyes.


I hope you have a long and refreshing sleep, Tamika. Tomorrow is anotherday, who knows what good things it might bring you. Too much smoking doesn't help with breathing, I should know, I smoked for half a century. Sweet dreams.


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