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New to anxiety

Hi everyone

Last year I went to New York on a family trip.

I suddenly had a spell of struggling to breathe and dizziness, at that moment I thought I was about to die. We called an ambulance and they told me it was an anxiety attack.

Since returning to the U.K. I recall that I've probably had 20 attacks since then, all different symptoms or double symptoms. It varies a lot.

Today I woke up fine and then suddenly it hit me harder than ever.

My heart felt like it was either about to stop or jump out of my chest, I got dizzy and nauseous and my throat felt like it was being held very firmly.

It's probably the worst attack I've had thus far and I have to's terrifying.

I've obviously seen Drs etc and yes it's anxiety and I've taken the natural route to meds e.g. St. John's warts drops etc

Think it's time to change my meds.

As I said I'm so new to this and don't really have the support on how to handle it or reassurance.

My husband tries his best, but he is just as clueless as I am about this.

I'm feeling a little better now, this one has lasted 4 hours.

I sympathise with each and every one of u and if u have any advise etc I'm all ears

Thanks guys



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Do you have them everyday ?


No, it comes at the strangest times

Once or twice a week

They also differ from being soft to extreme


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