LIFE-THREATENING sleeping pill resistant INSOMNIA please HELP!

Life threatening sleeping pill resistant insomnia please HELP!


I'm a 56 year old.

30 Years ago I was prescribed sleeping tablets. No one told me I would build up a resistance to it. Now I sleep ZERO, nothing.

I've seen psychiatrists, a sleep specialist who is trying which I appreciate, however with no avail. There are no options left..

Currently I use 2 Seroquels (25mg each) which makes me feel like a cement statue cannot move, 2 mg Rivotril / Clonazapam and 1 and a half Stilnox / Ambien MR 12,5 mg. ZERO sleep.


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  • Moytjie, I am so sorry in what you are going through. I see my daughter taking that same path at 26. Her body has forgotten how to go to sleep or so it seems. Her doctor too prescribed Ambien which no longer works. Over the counter PM pain meds are not meant for long term. I am presently trying to convince her to see a hypnotherapist. Have you ever tried that? Also acupuncture can help some. An Anesthesiologist in some cases can use Acupuncture for surgical procedures showing the depth that can be reached. I wish you well. I see what Zero sleep can and has done including personality changes. Please keep us informed of your progress. We care. x

  • Feel like I'm not going to make it ....

  • Moytjie, I'm not a doctor and so I can only go by what I see or experience. However you are under the care of professionals who I'm sure are working on an answer to your sleeping problem. May the answer be soon.. x

  • Are you feeling suicidal?

  • No

  • Ok good what did you mean?

  • My body is packing up. Have severe muscle wasting as well. Holes in my hands. No muscles left under my feet. Bedridden and in real danger of not making it. My footbones are punching me when I try to walk. Quite surreal.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this.

  • What country are you from ?? as i am not familiar with these medications; though i have heard of clonazapam. It seems you are on too much medication perhaps?? Unfortunately sleeping tablets often do not actually work in my experience; Or they may work temporarily but then do not. It also depends on the individual. I have taken Zoplicone for example before, but it only worked for a few days, and then, nothing. Also, any good Doctor would not be prescribing you all these sleeping pills, and as for something that leaves you like a statue!! Thats ridiculous. So, do you have an addiction to sleeping tablets?? I do know someone whom is similar to you; basically can go 3 or 4 days with no sleep; if they are lucky gets 2/3 hours per night; and nothing really works. Have you had a brain scan or anything like that to see whats going on/maybe there is a problem here?? Have you been monitored in a sleep clinic overnight? Do you get any sleep at all??? Surely you must get a few odd hours?? If not, literally, how long has it been since you have actually slept???

  • South Africa. Don't remember when I last slept. Here all about money. And I don't like meds!

  • Ahh i see; wow, thats crazy; yes, i understand; you cant get into sleep clinics here either; or the waiting list is about ten years! Im guessing you have tried all the old remedies; warm baths/ cocoa, hot milk; try to be active in the day too/ no drinking any caffeine after 6pm . Relaxation music?? a fan on at night?? sometimes people say it helps them to sleep. You have my empathy; i hope the sleep specialist can come up with something! As someone has said maybe even try the hypnotherapy, if you can afford it!

  • Tried sleep specialist 😒

  • Susieanna my brain is damaged cannot shut off naturally πŸ˜₯

  • Have you tried Magnesium for sleep

  • 30 years of hard core drugs magnesium does not make a dent.

  • What about high strength CBD.

  • Cannabis D what is the D for please?

  • CannaBinoiD oil

  • Ahhh, Davewavy1.

    Listen to him. It may surprise you about what what form of magniseum can do.

  • I can relate to this. Am addicted to sleeping tablets and you need more and more meds to make you sleep. Doctors are responsible. They should never have started us on this course in the first place. I am 30 years and more on sleeping tablets; they have mashed my brain.

    I completely understand when you say magnesium makes no dent. Our body gets used to these chemicals and we need more and more. Sorry I don't have any good advice ; you just need to bear with it I guess. The addiction only way to overcome it is longterm. I cannot sleep without a multitude of meds. Gemma

  • Bingo you are so right!

  • Ask your dr about Valdoxin. My brother is a dr and he prescribes it for all sorts of depression issues. It works on the melatonin receptors so perhaps this could offer a different circuit for your sleep pathways.

  • Thank you I read it has terrible side effects?

  • As far as i know (both he and his son take it) the side effects are almost non existent apart from sleepiness so it is recommended to take at night rather than morning. The good bit is that it takes a relatively short time to work and you can stop at any time with no nasty withdrawals. The worst part apparently is that you need to have 6 monthly blood tests to check your liver enzymes.

  • Moytjie sorry to hear about your situation and I wish you the best. Have you thought about moving to another country where they have and will give you better medical treatment? Pretty much all sleep meds you will build a tolerance to quickly and they will not work as good which I'm sure you know now but I would try and alternate from xanax to ambien then seroquals every other month or what ever you take that works for you the best switch what you take to try and prevent building high tolerances. I also believe the trick is to try and forget about how bad your trying to sleep the more I try to sleep I can't my brain is constantly thinking and won't shut off its when I start to daydream and forget about trying to fall asleep so bad I find myself falling a sleep. I'm sorry for what your going through and will say a prayer for you and I hope you get better and find the right help...good luck Moytjie.

  • Hi there, I have been taking passiflora and it has really helped me. I wish you all the best

  • Please try magnesium citrate and melatonin

  • Did you know about fisher wallace?

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