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Anxiety /panic attacks always feel fatiqued and poorly

HI all my name is DEAN i am 30 years old .i have had anxiety since i was 18 years old .was on escitalopram for 6 years .slowly came off them but after the last 6 months i have endes yo back on them . i am just asking does anybody else feel so ill and energyless. i am constantly fatigue and larthagic .feel like i carmt even get up at times i am that week .always yawning. constant back pain .feel so poorly all the time .my immune system is always down .

have really bad anxiety symptoms .

breathing attacks where feel like gona die and choke.

really horrible thoughts. the list could go on for days .

basically im getting at does anybosy else feel so poorly .

i think it must be something i have got to feel this ill all the time .

thanks to anyone for advice

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