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College student Looking for some help and advice

Hey guys so This Is what happened to me.

It all started Last year when I was working a really stressful internship. Towards the end I had a panic attack thinking I had a heart attack. Right after the panic attack I was very anxious, thinking I got some serious illness. I could not eat anything for like a month. All sorts of weird physical symptoms started like buzzing in the head, body aches, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and etc. Now I have started at a new schoo. Some things have imoroved, some not so much. I still have weird physical symptoms like the buzzing, muscle twiching and lightheadedness. I also suffer from depression I believe. I dont feel like I belong here at This new School.

One of my counselor says I got adjustmet disorder which Can involve anxiety and depression. Is anyone familiar with it?

Also Im not on any meds but I want the symptoms to go away, its been 4 to 5 months already and I still feel like my body Is ill. I am struggling to be patient. I just want to be the same person I was before, free,loving life, and happpy.

I also thought about going back to my old School cuz I liked it there. All my friends are there. But I dont know How much that will help me. But I also dont want to be suck in This condition because I am afriad I will not get better if I stay here at the new School. Looking for advices.

Thanks so much.

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