Pain from anxiety

Hello all

I'm new to this group and I was just recently diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. I was prescribed buspar and lexapro. Anyone have any weird side effects from taking these drugs? I have been having chest pain, high pulse rate, my heart feels like it's going to beat out my chest and aches and pain everywhere. And also I have this lump in my throat feeling that will not seem to go away?


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  • Hi! I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder a few years ago. They prescribed lexapro for me to take, but my heart was beating out of my chest and I had chest pains. I hope this helps!

  • This does help a lot! Thank you

  • I haven't worked up the courage to try any of mine but I have read that with ssri's it gets worse before it gets better. Can take 4-6 weeks to work. If you've started them you're doing something hint right. Ask your Dr about what you're feeling and see what they say.

  • Thank you! I will ask

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