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Anxiety come on from nowhere?

Hey, really new to all of this however thought what harm can it do. Over the past 2 weeks I've been suffering from anxiety(?) it started a day in work where I was speaking to someone and as I went to swallow it was as if my throats was closed and wouldn't allow me, From that my heart started racing and I panicked, This happened a few times within the hour then in a meeting later that day my heart started pounding so hard I thought I was going to pass out and I had to leave the meeting, went to a quiet room, whole body was shaking however I calmed down within 15 minutes. Sinse then the swallowing thing happens daily however I feel I can manage that with breathing. I'm normally a really confident outgoing girl part of the social committee in work and always the life and soul. Today in another meeting with new colleagues we all had Togo round and do your normal introduction name age how long with the business etc (somthing I normally like to do as very chatty and proud of where I am in the business) however the closer it got to me my heart started pounding harder and harder until I thought I couldn't breath, I managed to get through my brief intro and tried to calm myself down with breathing slowly.. all through the meeting I was screaming inside for it to be over and anytime the focus came to me a rush of anxiety came over my whole body, terrifying! I'm not sure what's caused this, I'm not particularly stressed about anything, work is busy and have a lot going on but who doesnt. Don't have any money or family worries and have 2 holidays coming up within the next 6 weeks.. what's happening to me?!


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Hi, your not alone. I've been feeling great lately but past couple of days I've had the tight throat feeling and feeling like something is stuck in my throat. Does it affect u when u eat too? Cos I can't eat at the minute of the fear of food getting stuck in my throat cos my throat feels that dry and tight off the anxiety. It's an awful thing to go thru


Hey, really sorry to hear your also suffering, it really is awful. A few days ago I didn't eat for a full 24 hours as I was so scared I would choke, I tried chewing some food and then had to spit it out as I felt like there was nothing blocking me from swallowing almost like it was impossible. I know that this is also a symptom of anxiety on its own. I've spoken to my mum about it all and she seems to think this is all my body's way of telling me I'm taking on too much and stressed- who knows. Think I'll go to the doctors next week to see if they have any advice. Have u spoken to anyone ? X


Hi I'm 19 years old and I deal with symptoms similar to yours but on another level I deal with bad health anxiety and the physical symptoms are the worst I been dealing with this for four months now's taking my life away I was healthy happy and energetic. Now all I think of is the worst things possible anxiety does effect the way you think and physically feel...I've been to Er and doctors over a thousand times in the past four months because I was convinced I had a heart problem ,a seizure ,cancer brain tumor and an aneurysm. The worst is feeling like you're going to pass out or die and you probably won't the brain has a chemical imbalance during anxiety and panic attacks that effect us physically which is the scariest thing I've had all symptoms under the sun from dizziness to muscle twitching to tachycardia. I've bugged the doctors soo much because I think I'm dying or going to die suddenly of an unknown disorder or something. Trust me the pain is definitely real and if u leave it untreated it can get worse. You may have Social anxiety, please get all medical things ruled out first as I am doing it will put ur mind at ease and u can defeat it before it gets any worse I understand by all means what your going through I'm only 19 and have been living in a hell that feels like someone else's body I would also pray and have faith focus on replacing ur fears with positive thoughts...go in that office and see yourself as superman. Anxiety can't hurt you but it isn't good for you. Seek medical before mental health. You'll be fine you don't have it bad either 😊


Often accumulated underlying stress has built up without us even knowing it. Our diet and lifestyle choices maynotbe idealand then in our weakened state something triggers an unwarrented surge of adrenaline.

It is always good to get it checked out by a dras occasionally it can be due to hypothyroidism or low iron, neither of which are serious as medications and supplements sort tem out.

After the initial panic attack you've probably been worrying about it which triggers more adrenaline surges and repeat symptoms.

Cutting out stimulants and alcohol, getting at least 20 minutes of brisk exersize each day and a good 8 - 10 hours sleep at night will help but so will positive self talk and acknowledging what is going on and accepting it as just a moment in timmethat you need to breathe through.


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