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I managed to go for a long walk this evening. I felt bad all day at work but going to try and beat this, if I die whilst I exercise then so be it. It's my time to go. Walked most of it then put in a few sprints in between to try and get my heart going. Went ok but now sitting down all worried :( hopefully it won't always be like this for me! Hope everyone is ok!

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Good for you and well done :-)

You have gone and done what you wanted to do despite the anxiety and that takes some doing so feel proud :-)

I am sure you won't die , exercise is one of the best things for us , physically and for mental health problems , so you are doing something that will help you even though your anxiety might want to tell you it will harm you because that is how it keeps control until it realizes you won't and are not going to listen any more

Now try and distract yourself and relax :-)

Take Care x

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