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Mirror work and emotional muscle building

Mirror work and emotional muscle building

Helloooo lovelies. We are having a heatwave at Loch Morar today. As I was busying myself in the garden before the midges started I received a parcel I had forgotten I had ordered. Inside was a book by Louise Hay about mirror work.

Even though I am free from excessive anxiety I believe in keeping my emotional tool-kit full and my well-being muscles well toned hence this book. I kniw from experience that mirror work can be hard and painful but I am looking forward to trying out these new skills. Learning to love myself brought about deep healing but it took time to get past my ego and then my self -loathing. Now I look forward to getting to know myself better in a loving more compassionate way :-)

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O a heat wave how lovely , hope we get some good weather soon that alone can make your mind set more positive :-)

Thank you for sharing in a positive way it helps others to read positive posts as well as how people have got to where they are :-)

Wishing you all the best :-)

Take Care x

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