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Khalee 223

Hello Everyone,

My anxiety is really bad. It's been a month now and I have been having pain in the front of my neck near my thyroid. So I naturally thought it was thyroid cancer. I got tested for everything and the test were all good . The doctor says he can't figure out where this pain is coming from. Has anyone ever had this pain before? Also I have a irritated throat. My doc thinks it's due to my anxiety, but the pain is real. Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance 😊

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Not sure what your pain is like but I've been having sharp pains in my neck as well as in my head which a bunch of other problems. I've been to the doctor a few times (mostly bc my vitamin d is low and I bring up my other symptoms while I'm there). I will be having an ultrasound on the left side of my thyroid bc she said it seemed slightly bigger than the right. Seems to think it's probably just anxiety and she prescribed me venlafaxine. I'm afraid to take it but it would be nice to know why I'm having these problems. Anyway what I'm saying is that the pain is most definatley real but probably developing bc of anxiety and not an underlying desease.

Hope you feel better!


Yes! I have definitely had that pain before and I was so scared because thyroid cancer runs in my family. I made my doctor run bloodwork initially and my thyroid hormones were haywire and my Vitamin D levels were extremely low which was the cause of the thyroid issue. Don't be afraid to ask for bloodwork. Your peace of mind is first and foremost.


Yea I haven't had that feeling before but my anxiety symptoms has been killing me also stay strong friend your not alone this anxiety stuff is krazy


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