My anxiety about death has begun to rule my life.It has almost paralyzed me.I put off sleep for as long as I can for fear I will not wake up

Hello.In the last 2 years I have been having extreme fear and panic thinking about death. Bedtime is the worst.Some nights I deliberately try to stay awake for fear I will not wake up.It has taken over my life.I am obsessed with the thought of dying.Where can I get help ? Thank you,Dorian


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  • go get a consllor if that dose not help go to the doctor they may be able to help u

  • Thank you Jazzy_jazz .I will search for a therapist.

  • I couldn't feel with you more. At night in bed I over think every emotion, movement in my body. I always think I'm about to die or I feel like I'm suffocating.

  • Yes I going threw this now I rather stay up because I have difficulty breathing in swallowing I fear I won't get up...but all I do is pray to god.... N thank him for waking me stay positive n prayed up its work for me

  • Hi Dorian, I used to think that a lot when I was a child. I'm nearly 55 now and as you can see I'm still here!! I know it's scary when it plays in your mind. My own life experiences have taught me to enjoy each day as best you can. Always look for something positive each day even if things seem to be going wrong 😬😬 did you have an emotional trauma before you started feeling this way? Lots of people go through this but talking to a proffesional is definitely worth while. You've been worrying your dieing for 2 years and just like me you're still here 😁 Call your doctor and make an appointment 👍

  • hello, I, too, have experienced this. But i've gotten through it! I understand what I say is easier said than done, but what I'm about to say is true, and could potentially help. Death is inevitable, it's a natural part of life. We know that. So, if we have this one huge life before death occurs, why waste a lot of your time worrying about something that you cannot control? You have a whole life to live ahead of you before you even have to think about death, it is your duty to live it as fully as possible and worrying over something that is out of your control will not do anything but cause stress and anxiousness to your life, and that's no good. When you're much older and look back at your life, you want to be proud of your experiences and smile at them. That way, you will be content with your life and know that you will pass happily with the choices you made. There is no escaping death. Not knowing what lays within the unknown can be frightening, but all throughout our lives, so far, we have come face to face with the unknown and have dealt with it. Do not fear it, you are living now and are meant to be here :) live a little more in the present rather than the future

  • Dear Miasouth4 Thank you so much.

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