Hey I'm pretty new to this opening up business but I am a 28 year old male who has suffered health anxiety his whole life.. at times I feel great and "normal" but I would say the majority of the time I'm constantly worried about my health developing some type of illness.. I'm seeing a psychologist however at the moment it's at an all time high.. I'm a builder and rugby player so it is hard for me to connect with someone who struggles like I do.. I hope this can help someone Atleast know that they aren't the only ones


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  • You're not the only one bud. I'm ex roofer who suffers and they is another guy on here who is a steel erector who is the same and in the UK too. It's crap and crazy I know, but we all try and help each other :-)

  • That's awsome to hear hey.. I'm not sure what it's like in the UK but in Australia it's still pretty much unspoken about amongst the boys so yeh.. it's pretty rough lately but like I said it's hard to speak about when people are dying and stuff mine feels mediocre

  • Ah an Aussie aye :-) g'day, thought you were In​ the UK. Well unless you change and talk about it you'll never find others that do. You certainly won't be the only one that is for sure !!. But that's up to you do. I talks about it to people who I work with now, friends have had a bad time too. Did something trigger it in you ? Do you know what it was?

  • Haha g'day mate. Yeh I'm slowly learning hey it is good I'm getting less and less embarrassed by it. I did have an uncle pass away when I was really young and it was a sudden horrible situation he died from meningococcal virus. He literally went into hospital with a headache and died over night.. ever since then I think it's just menifested it's more.. what about yourself mate?

  • Ahhh understandable that one. Well my anxiety started after both my parents died before I was 16. My mother though died of a brain tumour when 16 and after her death I figured I had ever illness going, drove myself crazy with it. I think it's just confidence isn't it and facing reality, it is possible for it to happen, it really is, but we have a unhealthy reaction to the possibility. If you look at it, we have gotten an illness and it is destroying us !!.

    Bloody crazy buggers !!


  • I know right! Wow that's intense mate sorry to hear that.. yeh it seems to be a common starter doesn't it.. like I suffer sinus and I've had a couple of small headaches and I just jump down to brain cNcer.. obviously it kills your appetite to which intensifies the anxiety

  • Buy some Magnesium glycinate and take it, it calms alot of things down and lifts mild depression. It will help you out and give you some energy for those long hard day's.

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