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Lumps behind both nipples

I have little almost like lumps/cartilage behind my nipples both feels quite similar. I really suffer with health anxiety so things like this really put me on edge and I can't find anything on the Internet to help. I'm only 15 and male. Someone who has experienced this or knows what it is help please.

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See your doctor for an exam to address your concern.

note: the following is copied from a previous reply of mines to another post

"I think you'll see in previous posts there are a lot of us that suffer from health anxiety. We think about the worse case scenario, google like crazy to see what it might be, and become impatient when we don't have the answers right away.

It's okay to be worried about something and think about it. But can you allow yourself to just watch the train and let it go by rather than jumping on it? Can you watch the fishes in the pond and let them swim away rather than jumping in and trying to catch it?

I'm not saying ignore your thoughts and concerns because If we force ourself not to think about something of course it's harder. It's like my therapist says...If someone told you not to think of pink elephants you still will cause you're trying not to think about it. It's all about letting the thought come, acknowledging it and letting it go.

It's good you are concerned about your health but it's how much worry and emphasis you put on it can make all the difference in not making your anxieties spin out of control."


That first paragraph is absolutely spot on. And I appreciate your help thanks a lot I am actually feeling a bit better already that I'm not alone thanks to all the replies. I am going to visit my doctor also and explain all this to them. I know what your saying to acknowledge it and let it go and it's like I can then I'm just in my bed at night and I have so much time to think that I almost can't help myself if you know where I'm coming from


I know exactly what you mean. I am going through this right now. Night time is the hardest and leaves me anxious with lack of sleep :(

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Thank god it isn't just me. I see myself unable to sleep because of it a lot of the time but actually after all these replies today I can put myself at ease a lot.


Hello My circle of friends who understands anxiety. So glad to have found this support site. My anxiety comes early in the mornings, I wake up feeling nervous & scared, I don't want to b alone. I've lost my appetite for the most part. I'm taking 40mg Prozac, and one wellabutrin , along with Xanax for my nervousness. This has been going on for a month now😞 I also gag so I keep a plastic bag with me. I've took off work because of my nervousness. I've seen counselors, next is a phychtrist. I try hard to keep positive thoughts. I know I will get better, but I'm ready to now. Help


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