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It's just crazy, I haven't been feeling that spaced out derealization lately but when I thought about it today it seemed to come back, My stress levels have seemed to be a bit high these last couple of days. I'm wondering if this is why. It's like I'm tingling a little, stomach is out of wack and my voice sounds weird to me. I know it's just anxiety, I keep feeling like this is the end for me but I know better days are coming soon and it's just my nerves.


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  • Tanae, so you heard from your doctor that the results of the barium swallow showed no ulcer, tumour or hernia, maybe just a little reflux. That must be tremendously reassuring for you. Most of us with anxiety are hypochondriacs, we always fear the worse. But dealing with a little reflux is a heck of a lot easier than dealing with a tumour. So you should be celebrating.

    The famous anxiety therapist Doctor Claire Weekes used to say that the stomach is the most sympathetic organ in the body. By that she meant it is often the first organ to 'complain' when we have anxiety disorder with nausea, stomach ache, cramps, diahorrea and even IBS. I saw on TV this week that doctors have discovered that we have a 'second brain' in our stomach so I guess if the brain in our head gets anxious the one in our stomach will too. The programme said the brain in our stomach is about as intelligent as a cat's brain, our cat is very wiley but I'm not sure I like the idea of having a cat's brain in my stomach but I guess it does explain a lot.

    You say your stomach being out of wack makes you feel like the end's coming. Well, Tanae, the end isn't coming, anxiety may make us miserable and frightened but it doesn't have the power to kill or cripple us. Because at the end of the day the symptoms of anxiety are just a few short circuits in our over sensitised nervous system.

    The late Claire Weekes developed what I think is the best method to deal with this which is simply to accept all the symptoms of anxiety for the timebeing with the minimum of fear. If we can break the circle of fear that anxiety creates by Accepting it our nerves will eventually recover and we will regain the quiet mind. I guess knowing that you have nothing seriously wrong with your stomach is a great relief and overcomes a major cause of you being anxious.

  • Yes, Thank You. I do feel relieved that they didn't find anything. I just feel confused. But I understand what you're saying about the little brain in my stomach. I think if I continue to tell myself the feelings are all in my head then they will go away. The reason I say this is because the cough and sore throat that I've been having for weeks went right away as of yesterday once they finished the barium swallow and now I'm just having gas/ bloated feeling. I know it's all in my head and because I'm thinking it I'm feeling it if that makes since. I guess this comes with anxiety. Everything little things gets me worked up but I have always been nervous. Idk anymore

  • So very difficult to over power fear and anxiety, and what the mind is thinking.......this morning I was a mess upon at 7pm fairly normal....why? I read an article my friend in England sent me today....over there they are actually using shock treatments again.....unreal.....much investigating into it yet it has not been used in Canada in about 50 years......if it helps re try it!

  • I think about it everyday. I'm trying not too since I'm able to function better now but it's hard not to think about it! I am sure it's your stress. Keep busy.

  • Thanks 😊😊

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