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Day 24 of fluoxetine

i'm on my 24th day of fluoxetine, the panic attacks have almost subsided , i still get panicky but not as much as i did before but does/did anyone else feel nausceous on these prozac? because i feel sick nearly every morning or after i've eaten and i still haven't properly got an appetite i feel like i'm forcing myself to eat so i'm wondering if it's these or not ;/

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Others on this venue may be more educated or experienced with this medication than me, but I wanted you to have a reply since you posted a message 9 hours ago.

I haven't taken that med. Have you kept a daily diary of the meds you take, at what time, how much along with what you have eaten and at what time, and how you are feeling? And the time you start to feel sick or feel anxious?

Keeping a diary like that helps to show a pattern that helps you determine if other factors other than the one med that might be contributing to your nausea.

If you don't see anything different, maybe it is your med.

The quickest answer is to call the doctor that prescribed it.

Our brains and body are so complicated; they really keep us on our toes. (no pun intended). Hope you feel better soon, and glad you are getting relief from your anxiety.


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