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I'm starting to realize I have a nervous stomach. The crazy butterflies/ sinking feeling is annoying. It just happens out of nowhere. When I had the barium swallow done today, the specialist said everything looked fine but I will get my results back tomorrow. He did mention that if I had acid reflux, he would be able to see it but He didn't see it so now I'm a little confused. What is the burning, pressure, sore throat, and slight cough that I've been having? The weird thing is, I haven't felt it today but I did notice a difference once I started taking the omeprazole. Is this anxiety playing with my mind?


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  • get the same feeling in my stomach and sore throat and dry cough idk what it is its like i get that nervous feeling in my stomach its really wierd

  • Yea My Dr said it was acid reflux. I had a test done today and it might not be anything. I have to wait until tomorrow to get the results. I'll let you know what they say.

  • Sorry to hear that you are sort of left "hanging". Was there ever mention that it could be a hiatus hernia? The burning feeling sure sounds like GERD though. I've never had a cough or sore throat from it however. Don't give up. I did get to see the naturopath this week! She certainly took a very thorough history, then asked a LOT of questions. At this point after 15 months of dealing with nausea, PANIC, weakness, and FEAR I will try anything. She gave me a powder compound to be put into a shake. It is supposed to be for intestinal repair, 2 shakes a day...RestorX. I also am to continue my B12 daily, and now on CoQ10, and Pure Tranquility.drops 3-4x a day. It is far too soon to expect anything.....but today the nausea didn't seem as bad. I go back in a week. She definitely was familiar with Panic Disorder (I had wondered if it would not be in her field). I have to keep trying!!

  • Wow that is very interesting. She may have the solution to your problem it sounds like. Keep trying and give it some time, you may see results, especiallyif your nausea didn't seem so bad. The specialist didn't mention anything about a hernia, he just said he didn't see anything alarming or abnormal and that the results will be at the Dr's. Office by tomorrow.

  • I have nothing to lose with trying this path....other than money (expensive!) but I am so desperate to gain relief. It will be interesting to hear what your dr. has to say.....likely avoid, spicey foods, acidy drinks, citrus, and keep an antacid handy. Now if we could all just find a way to keep our individual anxieties and panic under control!

  • I've been practicing mindfulness for my anxiety. It seems to be okay at times but it's not a long term relief lol

  • For me it depends on how deep into panic and fear I am as to if it helps

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