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Work related stress/anxiety

Hi everyone

I've never done anything like this before so not really sure where to begin. I'm finding it extremely difficult to cope at work, we are constantly short staffed and expected to do the same amount of work with less people and still to a high standard. With added pressures and tasks from our manager who is very unprofessional and unapprocable. Because I work with vulnerable people I feel no option but to make sure these demands are met even thought it's 1.30pm and I'm only just getting something to eat myself. I run around all day helping people to the best of my ability and it's still never enough. I phoned in sick today, well my partner did for me. The thought of phoning and explaining why I'm not coming in makes me feel sick. Which caused another argument between us because I got in such a state at the thought of going in today for a 12 hour shift I started stomping about crying, getting angry then panicking because that's another day off marked off against me which will make going in tomorrow to face my manager even worse. I've had quite alot of time off recently. Which she's noticing. Phoning back later will take me half an hour to prepare what I'm going to say.. and that's only to one possible person who could answer. During that time ive smoked more, my hearts racing, i feel sick and i start sweating. I will try and time it for when I think I know the receptionist will answer and not my manager. If it's anyone else that answers that conversation in my head goes and I start mumbling and mixing up my words and end up thanking them for me phoning in. Makes sense huh! After the call im still shaking anything up to 30minutes. Its horrible. I'm scared to go my G.P because I feel on the rare occasions I go they don't take me seriously. I'm the type of person who just puts up with it and carrys on suffering, i don't know if I feel stupid and that nothings actually wrong so don't want to bother anyone about it because everyone gets stressed right? Leaving my job doesn't seem to be an option at the minute.. I'm not sure what to do?

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Rbtsn, you say that leaving your job isn't an option. From reading your post I say: staying in your job isn't an option. It's causing you so much anxiety and stress your well-being is starting to suffer and it doesn't seem things are going to improve.

Nobody should have to put up with the things you're experiencing in your job. This is a civilised country not North Korea. So I reckon changing your job should be your top priority. Of course there are other jobs, think outside the box. You work hard I can tell and we spend so much of our waking life at work we should at least get some pleasure from our work. It's essential.

If you don't take control of your life you could end up with anxiety disorder and all the symptoms that brings. You deserve better than that, you're working long shifts helping other human beings. So keep your cool, tell your manager how the extra work is making you ill and start to look around pronto. Maybe sidestep into some other related work where you can use your skills and experience. And don't give up on your doctor, your doctor's there to help you and you could do with some help right now. Maybe see another doctor in the practice.

So remember, you are a skilled carer with important skills, you do more good in a day than some politician does in a lifetime. I'm sure you have what it takes to put your working life back on course. Good luck for the future.


You sound just like I have been. I have had these kind of issues many times in the past and never really conquered it; hopefully you can.

Yes I'd definately recommend seeing a more understanding doc, it can make the world of difference.

Clearly the work situation is affecting you and actually is at least a cause of your condition, if anything it should be the workplace/manager or whatever who is at fault here; they are letting you down not the other way around. I do understand you don't necessarily feel that way as like me you just want to do the best you can do and direct it all at yourself.

If at all possible do definately take up the issues with work as it is clearly a problem, is there hr or another person you are able to take it up with?

Although this doesn't always seem to be the case but I remember what a wise man at one of my old jobs said that never really occured to me at the time and I did not think the case which was that the most valuable asset of a company are the employees.


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