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Suggestions for Panic/Fear of Death?

I am 26 years old and I'm absolutely miserable. I have two heart conditions which aren't lethal, just mess with my electric part of my heart, both of which have really messed me up. It has given me panic disorder, anxiety and I've become a severe hypochondriac. All I ever think is that I'm dying. I never feel right, I always feel like I'm in pain.

As of late, I have been having these moments where it feels like everything in my body is shutting down. I feel like I have no control of my arms, my legs, etc. I feel like I'm sinking within myself. My blood pressure sky rockets, the biggest one to happen as of late was 177/96. I have gotten to the point where I am absolutely certain I'm going to die.

Thing is, I have had extensive cardiac look ups and health checks in the past. Does anyone else have attacks to the point where it feels like their body is shutting down, like they are going to black out and blood pressure sky rockets? I am absolutely terrified and even walking around is hard for me because I feel like I no longer have control of my body.

Has anyone else dealt with the crippling fear of death? Have you gotten over it? How? I have xanax that they have given me. That doesn't work. I tried Zoloft, but that only made me more nervous...and I didn't think that was possible. I used to take Effexor XR and it worked for a while, but eventually that too stopped working.

I am desperate for help. I absolutely am terrified I'm dying...I can't stop thinking about it and there is nothing I can do to check with doctors at the moment because I have a small lapse of not having health insurance because I switched them. I'm just having such a hard time with this whole thing. My fear of death keeps me from everything and my body is starting to shut down because of it.

Any suggestions on how to help of fix this? I'm desperate.

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The fear of death is like fear of the unknown, but look at it this way....

Death is something all of us will eventually face, no amount of worrying will change that outcome, but you won't know anything about it, when it finally arrives, you won't have memories of it same as you don't have memories of your birth so focus on the here n now, death is just a natural process that takes you to another chapter.....try and relax xxx

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Please don't think you'll die.try to do meditation regularly and practice spirituality.that helped me a lot.


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