Hello i'm new here, it feels like everything is getting worse and worse!

Hello i am 21 in 2 days and i really don't feel myself this has been ongoing since just before Christmas and its really beginning to put me down all the time even more than i feel and its getting worse!! with aches and pains all over my limbs and body and body and sometimes its like a fuzzy feeling somewhere on me, chest pains and panic/anxiety attacks had 2 last night when i had to jump out of bed with my heart racing really fast fearing that i might be about to die from a heart attack or stroke and it really doesn't help that my dad has just had a massive heart attack and is constantly talking about heart attacks and stuff, However i think it all started getting worse after i had this really bad ear infection i couldn't hear anything for 4 weeks and i was in bed constantly and ended up missing the whole start of my uni course due to this anyway when this cleared up was left with tinnitus and i keep thinking i have a tumor or something its so worrying i need to be the normal happy me again!!!


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  • I feel the same as you! I have been struggling since January and it's not getting better! We both have to get better one of these days!

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